Mixed Chamber Ensemble - 


Stargazing (2015) for flute, clarinet and piano
Commissioned by Doug Monroe for the Hemingway Trio. Premiered May 2015 in
Cologne, Germany. Additional performance in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2015.
Interlochen Public Radio recording

Flavors (2014) for two violins
Commissioned by Er-Gene Kahng. Premiered May 2014, Fayetteville, AR.

Old Meditation (2014) for two violins and piano 
Commissioned by Er-Gene Kahng. Premiered May 2014, Fayetteville, AR.

Deserted Pathways (2014) for flute, oboe and piano

Commissioned by Jill Heyboer. Premiered August 2014, Chicago, IL, at the
National Flute Convention. Additional performance July 2015, Interlochen, MI.
Interlochen Public Radio recording

Dream Gardens (2013) for double reed quartet 
Commissioned by Theresa Delaplain. Premiered June 2013, Redlands, CA, at the
International Double Reed Society Convention. Additional performances July
2013, Interlochen , MI; February 2014, Fayetteville, AR; November 2014,
Fayetteville, AR. Published by BacktoClassic

Emblems (2012) for oboe, violin, viola, cello

Commissioned by Theresa Delaplain. Premiered June 2012, Fulbright Chamber
Music Series, Fayetteville, AR. Additional performances at the IDRS convention,
July 2012, Oxford, OH; February 2013, Fayetteville, AR. Published by TrevCo.

Rhapsodies & Interludes (2012) for flute, oboe and bassoon

This Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Bassoon was performed at the 2012 IDRS Conference in Oxford, Ohio. It is a fine example of contemporary music that is accessible for both performer and audience. Suitable for professional and college/conservatory students.

Notes from the Underground for euphonium and piano 
Commissioned by Ben Pierce. Premiered 2/20/11 Pittsburg State U. Performed
3/3/11 U. of Arkansas; 3/12/11 Baylor U.; 3/29/11 Oakland U.; 3/30/11 U. of
Michigan; 3/31/11 Michigan State U.; 9/14/11 U. of Kansas; 10/8/11 Illinois State U.;
10/28/11 Texas Tech U. 09/15 by Gretchen Renshaw, University of Arkansas.
Published by Potenza Music. Recorded by Ben Pierce for his CD “Notes from the
CD Baby 884501820110.

Del pari for oboe and percussion (2008)
Commissioned by Sally Wall.

First Light (2004) for two oboes and English horn 
Commissioned by Theresa Delaplain. Premiered 10/04 at the University of
Arkansas Octoboe concert with Theresa Delaplain, Bo Newsome, and Heather
Haydu. Performed at the International Double Reed Society Convention, Austin,
TX, June 2005, with Theresa Delaplain, Bob Newsome, and Sally Wall

Lone Bird (2002) for oboe, English horn, viola, cello, and bass 

Commissioned by Bo Newsome and Heather Haydu. Premiered at the 2002
International Double Reed Society Convention, Greensboro, NC, by Bo Newsome,
Heather Haydu, and chamber ensemble.

La pointe au portail (2002) for oboe, cello and piano 
Commissioned by pianist Jura Margulis. Premiered 11/02 by Theresa Delaplain,
oboe, Stephen Gates, cello, and Jura Margulis, piano.

Three Lamentations in Times of Sorrow (2001) for oboe, viola, and piano 
Commissioned by Theresa Delaplain. Premiered 10/01 by Theresa Delaplain,
oboe, Rico McNeela, viola, and Mary Scott Goode, piano. Published by Bocal
Music. Recorded on Time Labyrinths CD, Nuance 1519.

Peaceable Spaces (2001) for violin, viola, cello, and piano 
Premiere performance 04/01 by Rico McNeela, violin, Erin Brooks, viola, Stephen
Gates, cello, and Robert Mueller, piano. Commissioned by the University of
Arkansas to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall.

Masques (1998) for oboe, bassoon, and piano 

Commissioned by Richard Ramey. Premiered by Theresa Delaplain, oboe, Richard
Ramey, bassoon, and Jong-Wan Ham, piano, on a Boston Mountain Chamber
Players concert, 03/99. Additional performance at the International Double Reed
Society Conference, Greensboro, NC, 06/03; University of Arkansas 2016: Arizona
State University 03/16; International Bassoon Festival Siegried Miklin, Bogota
10/16. Published by Bocal Music. Recorded on Time Labyrinths CD, Nuance 1519.

Five Stones from the Same Chaotic Stream (1996) for bassoon ensemble 

Premiere performance by the UA Bassoon Ensemble, 11/96.

Published by Bocal Music.

Night Journey (1991) for piano duet 
Commissioned by Alan and Alvin Chow. Performances: 3/92 in Tahlequah, OK;
3/92 in Boulder, CO; 4/92 in Norman, OK; 4/92 in Fayetteville, AR 4/92 in Shawnee,
OK; and 10/93 in Oklahoma City, OK. All performances were by Alan and Alvin

Mogami-Gawa (1991) for viola, piano and percussion ensemble
Commissioned by the UA Percussion Ensemble, Bruce Roberts, director.
Performances: 4/92 in Fayetteville, AR by Rico McNeela, viola, Robert Mueller,
piano and the UA Percussion Ensemble. Publication: C. Alan Publications,
Greensboro, NC.

Voices of Longing and Futile Rage [texts from Dylan Thomas and Catherine
Davis] (1985) for soprano, baritone, oboe, bassoon, viola, bass, piano and two percussionists, revised 2018

Performances: 11/89 in Bowling Green, OH.
Awards: 1986 First Prize, Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Composition

Poem for Eight Instruments (1981) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and string quartet 
Performances: 4/82 in Marquette, Michigan and 2/83 in Bowling Green, Ohio.