Mixed Chamber Ensemble - Vocal

Voices of Longing and Futile Rage [texts from Dylan Thomas and Catherine Davis (1985) for soprano, baritone, oboe, bassoon, viola, bass, piano and two percussionists Performances: 11/89 in Bowling Green, OH.Awards: 1986 First Prize, Ohio Federation of Music Clubs CompositionCompetition.

Flowers of Heaven, for soprano and violoncello, 2018
Commissioned by Moon-Sook Park, premiered by Moon-Sook Park and
Dominic Kyungseu Na, violoncello, Feb.2018, Fayetteville, AR
Out of the Depths (2001) for soprano and piano
Premiered 10/01 by Paige Kroening, soprano and Robert Mueller, piano.

Five Songs of Winter (1996) for soprano, oboe and piano
Performances: 4/96, 6/96, and 3/99 in Fayetteville, Ar. with Janice Yoes, sop.;
Theresa Delaplain, oboe; Robert Mueller, piano.

Kolybelniye Pesni (Cradle Songs) for soprano, baritone, flute, oboe, bassoon,
violin/viola, cello, bass, and piano (1994)

Russian texts adapted by the composer from poems of Anna Akhmatova, Marina
Tsvetayeva and Alexei Arsenev]. Premiere Performance: 10/95 in Fayetteville
with Janice Yoes, soprano; Jason Marus, baritone; Ronda Mains, flute; Theresa
Delaplain, oboe; Richard Ramey, bassoon; Rico McNeela, violin/viola; Stephen
Gates, ‘cello; James Greeson, bass; and Alan Chow, piano.


The Bell of Ivan Velikii for baritone, percussion, and piano (1990)
Text adapted and translated by the composer from a series of poems by Robert
Schumann]. Commissioned by the Music Teachers National Association and the
Arkansas State Music Teachers Association. Performances: 11/90 and 1/92 in
Fayetteville, AR by Alan Eggleston, baritone, Bruce Roberts, percussion and
Robert Mueller, piano; and 10/93 in Bowling Green, OH by Andreas Poulemenos,
baritone, Heath Shelton, percussion and Marilyn Shrude, piano (as part of the
14th Annual New Music Camp; Art Festival at Bowling Green State University).


Return to Solitude [text by Robert Bly] (1988) for soprano, two pianos and
three percussionists.

Performances: 5/88 in Cincinnati, OH by Verda Tudor, soprano and the CCM
Contemporary Music Ensemble, Robert Mueller, conducting; and 4/89 in
Fayetteville, AR by Janice Yoes, soprano and an ensemble of UA faculty conducted
by Robert Mueller.

Drei kleine geistliche Lieder [texts from 16th Cent. German poetry] (1985) for soprano and piano.
Performances: 5/87 in Cincinnati, OH; and 9/89 in Fayetteville, AR by Janice Yoes,

soprano and Carolyn Hickson, piano. Awards: Second Prize, Bowling Green
Liturgical Arts Society Composition Contest.