Sinister and Somber Dance for Trombone Ensemble. 

Commissioned by Cory Mixdorf for the Arkansas Razorbones.

Wisps (2008) for solo clarinet
Commissioned by Bob Spring. Published by Prairie Dawg Press, 2008.

Mirrors (2006) for flute and piano 
Commissioned by Jill Heyboer, Premiered April 2006, Springfield, MO. Recorded
by Jill Heyboer for her CD “Red River Valley,” MSR Classics, 2015.

Sonata for Saxophone and Piano (2006)
Commissioned by Jim Umble, 2006

Two Pieces for Oboe and Piano
Commissioned by Theresa Delaplain. Premiered 03/06, University of Arkansas.

Contemplation (2001) for bassoon and piano
Commissioned by Richard Ramey and Pavel Polanco-Safadit. Premiered by them
11/01, and performed by them on tour in Arkansas and South Carolina, 11/01.
Recorded by them on their Olor a Café CD, Javalina Records 85013. Published by
Bocal Music

reverberations: le vifs et les mortes (2001) for oboe
Commissioned by the city of Fayetteville. Recorded on Time Labyrinths CD,
Nuance 1519.

From the Fountains of Delight (2000) for viola and piano
Premiere performance 4/00 by Rico McNeela, viola, and Robert Mueller, piano.

Mantra (1999) for oboe and piano
Premier performance 3/99 in Fayetteville, AR by Theresa Delaplain, oboe, and
Robert Mueller, piano. Published by Bocal Music.

Le conte en gris (1998) for solo tuba
Premier performance 10/99 in Fayetteville, AR by Kabin Thomas. Additional
performance in Fayetteville 3/99 by Kabin Thomas.

From the Gardens of Melancholy (1997) for violin/viola and piano.

Revised 2003 for violin and piano
Premiere performance: 6/97 at the Music Festival of Arkansas with Monte
Belknap, viola/violin; and Robert Mueller, piano. Additional performance by
Maria Shrude and Marilyn Shrude, Fayetteville, 02/03.

My Shepherd Gently Calls (1996) for solo oboe
Premiered 03/96 by Theresa Delaplain. Published by Bocal Music. Recorded on
Time Labyrinths CD, Nuance 1519.

Dementia (1994) for marimba solo

Commissioned by percussionist Bruce Roberts.

Rachel Weeping for Her Children (1992) for oboe, tape and digital delay
Commissioned by oboist Theresa Delaplain. Performances: 8/92 in Frankfurt,
Germany (as part of the 1992 convention of the International Double Reed
Society); 1/92, 9/93, and 9/97 in Fayetteville, AR.

La hymne processionelle (1990) for amplified harpsichord and tape
Commissioned by harpsichordist Claire Detels. Performances: 12/90 in
Fayetteville, AR.

Time Labyrinths (1990) for flute, oboe and piano
Commissioned by James L. Delaplain. Performances: 6/90 in Fayetteville, AR by
Ronda Mains, flute, Theresa Delaplain, oboe and Robert Mueller, piano; 11/90 in
San Marcos, TX (as part of the Southwest Contemporary Music Festival); 3/91 in
Arlington, TX (as part of the 1991 Region VI convention of the Society of
Composers, Inc.); 4/91 in Superior, WI; 4/91 in St. Paul, MN; 4/91 in River Falls, WI;
8/91 in Baltimore, MD (as part of the 1991 International Double Reed Society
Conference); 1/93 in Fayetteville by Alan Zoloth, flute, Theresa Delaplain, oboe
and Robert Mueller, piano; 3/93 in Norman, OK and 4/94 in Fayetteville, AR by the
Spectrum Trio (as part of the 1994 regional meeting of the College Music Society.);
1/95 by Spectrum Trio at part of the Bartlesville Community Center Sundays on
Stage series; 11/95 by Spectrum Trio on a visiting artist concert at Southern
Arkansas University. To be published by Bocal Music. Recorded on Time
Labyrinths CD by Spectrum Trio, Nuance 1519.

From Whence? (1987) for alto saxophone and tape
Performances: 1/88 and 3/88 in Cincinnati, OH; 3/88 in Terre Haute, IN by
renowned saxophonist John Sampen (as part of a Selmer International
Saxophone Clinic); and 10/91 in Superior, WI. by saxophonist Brad Bombardier.

Music From the North Woods (1987) for percussion and tape (composed with
Brad Bombardier)

Performances: 4/89 in Superior, WI. Recordings: Recorded digitally and available
on CD, KMS-1, 4/92.

Tahquamenon (1986) for electronic tape
Performances: 5/86 in Cincinnati, OH; and 3/87 in Bowling Green, OH and
Superior, WI.

Melodie (1986) for solo piano
Performances: 11/86 in New York, NY (favorable review by New York Times Critic
Tim Page); 2/87 in Dallas, TX; 2/87 in Houston, TX; 3/87 in Cincinnati, OH, by
pianist Lynn Raley; 5/87 in Cincinnati by Michael Chertock; 4/88 in Lawrence, KS
by William Winstead (as part of the 1988 Society of Composers Inc. Annual

Convention); and 11/91 in Duluth, MN. by Beth Pellin-Kaiser. Recordings:
Recorded digitally and available on CD, KMS-1, 4/92.

Die Lebendigen und die Todten (1983) for oboe and piano
Performances: 12/83 and 10/84 in Bowling Green, OH (the latter as part of the
Bowling Green New Music Festival IV, which was broadcast over NPR); 11/84 in
Cincinnati, OH; 3/85 in Cleveland, OH; 2/86 in Louisville, Ky (performed for
Composer Witold Lutoslawski, upon his receipt of the Grawemayer Award); 3/86
in Duluth, MN; 6/87 in Chicago, IL; 4/89 in Fayetteville, AR; 5/89 in Evanston, IL;
3/90 in Lawton, OK (as part of the Annual Regional Meeting of the College Music
Society); and 11/90 in San Marcos, TX (as part of the 1990 Southwest
Contemporary Music Festival). Awards: Ohio Federation of Music Clubs 1984
Student Award. Recorded on Time Labyrinths: Chamber Music of Robert Mueller,
Nuance 1519.