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Scena della Opera

for Piano Trio (1997)

Premier performance in Fayetteville, AR 2/99 by the Boston Mountain ChamberPlayers: Jeongwon Ham, piano, Rico McNeela, violin, and Stephen Gates, cello. Additional performance 3/99 by the same group.

Echo Fantasy

for Violin, Cello, and Piano (1989, rev. 2018)

Scored for the standard piano trio, “Echo Fantasy” (1989, rev. 2018) is constructed as a kind of musical discourse on the opening two sonorities of Schubert’s “Der Doppelgänger.”  Violin and cello present the Schubert quote fortissimo in an extremely high register, while the piano responds in a very low register, and quietly, representing the ‘evil double’ from Schubert’s song.  A dialogue and struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ elements ensue until eventually, the piano subsumes the whole texture as we realize that we are our own ‘Doppelgängers.’

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