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Veni Variationes: Variations on Salve Redemptor Gentium

for woodwind quintet (2017)

Commissioned by the Lyrique Quintette in 2017, “Veni Variationes” offers not only a set of variations on a tune (the Ambrosian chant, “Veni Redemptor gentium”) but also a variation on the very idea of variations. In the opening, the tune is presented in a straightforward manner which leads to variations of increasing complexity until there is nothing left of the tune itself, only its impressions on the mind. The work ends in a repeat of the straightforward presentation from the opening, with an abrupt surprise.

Variations on a Chanson 

for woodwind quintet (1992)
Commissioned by the Lyrique Quintette. Premiered by the Lyrique Quintette, June 1992, Fayetteville, AR, and performed in Frankfort, Germany, August 1992.

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