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City of Giants

for wind ensemble (2015)

commissioned by the Christ Knighten for the University of Arkansas Wind Ensemble

Premiered by the UA Wind Ensemble, 2015; performed at the Meyerson Center in Dallas; March 10, 2015

Imagine a mysterious island inhabited by super-intelligent giants. In order to celebrate their ingenuity, the giants decide to construct a great city. Wielding their giant tools, they work diligently day after day, and they soon finish their magnificent city. A panoramic view from one end of the island to the other reveals hundreds of giant stone edifices, shining in the noonday sun. Unfortunately, and perhaps inevitably, an argument over some trifling little matter soon breaks out and leads to a big brawl. The result is the total destruction of their fine city, whereupon the giants simply pick up their tools and start again.

Northern Elegy 

for wind ensemble (1993)

Commissioned by W. Dale Warren for the University of Arkansas Wind Ensemble, premiered by them 1993



for Euphonium and Wind Ensemble (2012)

Commissioned by Ben Pierce. Premiere April 2012 with Ben Pierce and the Bowling Green Wind Ensemble. 


for Violin, Piano, and Wind Ensemble (2010)

Commissioned by Steve and Carolyn Warner and the University Circle Wind Ensemble.  Premiered Feb. 2011 at Severance Hall, Cleveland, with the University Wind Ensemble, Gary Ciepluch, conducting.

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